seniors enjoy assisted livingMost of us want to stay in our homes for the rest of our lives. After all, we raised our children there. We have great memories in our homes. We know the neighborhood. And then there’s the issue of going through all our stuff if we want to move...not a pleasant prospect.

But is staying at home good for us? New research indicates it may not be.

nurse helping older woman walkWhen a central Ohio senior you love is hospitalized for an illness or injury or planning for an upcoming surgery, understanding what Medicare will cover for rehab to help with their recovery is important. Older adults and adult children may not have had any experience using their Medicare benefit beyond physician appointments and outpatient testing until now. This quick overview should help give you a basic understanding of the benefit.

T Woods 2015Dear Tracy:

It looks like my grandfather will soon need a nursing home. Our family has tried to help my grandmother keep him safe at home for as long as we can, but it’s becoming too dangerous for her to manage. He falls a lot and she is simply not able to help him get back on his feet.

We’ve been researching the costs of nursing homes in central Ohio, and it’s just not feasible for them financially. They live on a very fixed income. Their only real assets are their house and an older car my grandmother still drives. We’ve talked about applying for Medicaid to pay for Grandpa’s care, but we are worried they will take the house and leave my Grandma without a home.

What are the rules about Medicaid, nursing homes, income and assets in Ohio?


tbailey JNW5259Dear Tacy:

My mother moved back to the Columbus area this summer after having spent the past 9 years living in Florida. Now she is close to my wife and me so we can help her out when she needs it.

Since it’s been so long since she’s had to battle ice and snow, we are trying to plan ahead and determine what we can do to keep her safe. She is a walker and plans to continue walking as much as the weather will permit this winter.

Do you have any tips we can use to help prevent her from falling?


Expert CassieHauberDear Cassie:

My father will be having hip replacement surgery later this month. I’m trying to figure out how much a nursing and rehab center will cost and how much of it his Medicare will pay for? He lives in Central Ohio just outside Columbus.

Can you help? It all seems so confusing!


senior depressed sitting with wifeDear Crystal:

My parents were married for almost 60 years before my father passed away last year. My mother is really struggling. I think her grief has turned into a true case of depression. I’m trying to find ways to help her through this, but I’m not having much success.

I know you help seniors through challenging times every day. Do you have any advice for me?


jduff JNW5427Dear Jana:

My husband and I recently bought my mom an iPad. Our children helped her set up an account on Facebook and showed her how to search for people she knows. We all thought it would be a great way for her to find old friends and to stay in touch with family.

She’s been lonely since my father passed away last year and we are hoping social media will help her feel more connected. We hope it will be especially good for her during the long central Ohio winters when the weather often makes it hard for her to safely get around town.

I am concerned about keeping her safe, though. I’ve read that seniors are a common target for online fraud and scams. What steps can we take to protect her while still allowing her to enjoy herself online?


senior outside with sonDear Kara:

I’m trying to create a list of senior-friendly places in and around the Columbus area for my 81-year old mother and her friends. I’m specifically looking for restaurants and stores that offer senior discounts or special services to make life easier for older adults. Do you have such a list or do you know where I can find one?

Any help would be appreciated!


cmoore JNW5539Dear Crystal:

I will be going into a Columbus-area hospital for knee replacement surgery this fall. My surgeon informed me that I will need to transition to a short-term rehab center for more therapy after I leave the hospital. He mentioned that some rehab centers accept pre-registrations so patients can set-up their stay before they even have their surgery. What is the benefit of doing so and not just waiting to see if I really need therapy and doing it then?

Alice in Columbus, Ohio