woman and doctor talkingDear John:

My parents have both had fairly serious health problems the last few months. Until then both of them were active and independent. To be honest, we never really discussed how we would handle legal decisions and what their wishes for the future might be.

My brother and I thought, since our parents were in such good health, there wasn’t really a need to worry about having these tough discussions with them. It is quickly becoming apparent, however, that the two of us need to learn more about what we can legally do to help our parents.

Can you explain to us what a Power of Attorney is? How is it different from a durable Power of Attorney? And what are the decisions we can and can’t make with either?



senior woman reading a cardDear Sheila:

My mother moved to an assisted living community right after Christmas. Now that she is unpacked and settled in I am trying to figure out how we can make her feel as if she is still connected to family and friends. I know she is worried that everyone will forget about her!

Do you have any ideas for me? I am trying to create a list to share with everyone who is important to my mom.

Kind Regards,


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jeremy evans rehab expertDear Jeremy:

My Dad is in the hospital recovering from a serious bout with pneumonia. It’s left him pretty weak and unsteady on his feet. His physician wants him to go to an inpatient rehab center for a few weeks of therapy. Dad thinks he can just get by with outpatient rehab because a friend of his recently went to an outpatient center after surgery on his wrist.

Can you help me understand the differences? I would really be concerned about how safe my Dad is going home at this point.


cmoore JNW5539Dear Crystal:

With the holiday season upon us, I’d like to splurge and buy my parents some comfortable yet fashionable clothing for their gifts this year. Their budget is a little tight since they retired, and they don’t treat themselves very often.

Do you have any recommendations? I would like to buy clothing they will find comfortable but that still looks nice for their outings to the senior center and other social activities.

I would appreciate any tips you might be able to offer!


Dear Lura:

My father passed away 7 months ago and my mother is on her own for the first time in 51 years. She is moving to Columbus this summer to be closer to my family. I’m trying to find a few places she can go or organizations she can become involved with to help her make new friends here.

Do you have any suggestions?


Dear Greg:

My former neighbor now lives in a nursing care center in central Ohio. I am going to be visiting her soon and would like to take along a little gift for her. I’m just not sure what to buy for someone who lives in a nursing home. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Patty in Westerville, Ohio

jane solt rnDear Jane:

My father is on a very restrictive cardiac diet. His doctor wants him to follow it to help better manage his coronary artery disease. After a lifetime of eating a very unhealthy diet, this abrupt change in lifestyle is very difficult for him to follow. I understand the diet is to be his guide for making healthier food choices, but it is okay for him to “cheat” on his diet sometimes?

Denise in Upper Arlington

t woodsDear Tracy:

We know that the world of Medicaid can be very confusing, so we figured we should be asking questions about the things that aren’t clear. Our question is simple: what IS Medicaid, and why should our parents apply for it? Also, what tips do you have?

Thank you so much!

-The Everett Family (Grove City)